Final year students of Hanoi University of Technology practice at PMA

PMA and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Hanoi University of Technology have worked closely together in the past few years in the field of training. Every year, at the end of July, PMA receives internships from Polytechnic University. This year, PMA has welcomed the 10th internship group with 5 students in Mechanical Engineering – one of the hottest majors of the top technical university in Vietnam.

With the first meeting in the internship held on July 28, the students had the opportunity to visit, listen to a brief introduction about the Company, distribute uniforms and participate in the Safety class – class. Learning necessary for you in the working process. After that, you are assigned to departments to study and directly practice according to the requirements of each department, including: Design room, cold department, machining workshop …

Here you can learn and practice under the guidance of experts in each field. At the end of the internship, you will have more useful practical knowledge to make your own luggage in the future. There are many students who have interned at PMA in the previous period expressed their interest in the working environment here, after graduation, they have returned and stick with PMA. Including – Ton Luong Quyen – former student of Polytechnic.

Mr. Quyen – Head of Design Department said: “I am an alumnus of Polytechnic University, every year I see that the next class come to practice, I see myself in it. The thing that impressed me the most during this internship was that their knowledge was very sure, only lack of practical experience. Understand this, I always create the best conditions for them to study and improve job skills. PMA is a good environment if you love and want to stick with the mechanical engineering industry for a long time ”.

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